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A Guide to Structure your Resume

Applying for a job is a tough game, but what is even tougher is making a resume that gets the employer hooked. You have to structure your resume in a way that suits your career path and the job you are applying for. And you need to be extra careful while structuring your resume if you are a fresher or was on a career break to add that extra

It’s important to keep resume short and should not be more than 2 pages. Below are some of the sections / information which you can help you in building a well-written resume.

  • Contact Information: Begin with your name, address / location (no need to have complete house address), mobile number and your email address.

  • Career Objective: Your career objective is a short summary of what you bring to the table and what you aspire to do. Here you can mention which industry, role and level best suit as per your experience and skills.

  • Skills Summary: The skills summary is an overview of relevant skills you posses. Skills summary helps your resume to get shortlisted for key words as per the job requirement.

  • Work experience: Present your previous work experience information in reverse-chronological order. As much as possible, try to customize your resume for each job that you are applying to by describing relevant experience.

  • Education: In this section, add the name of your Degree, University along with the passing year. Do not over-complicate this section with too many details.

  • Achievements: You can flaunt all your achievements in this section; for example, you can mention scholarship, award, or any prize for community work.

  • Extracurricular activities: Mention time involved in social work, volunteering etc. Instead of simply writing work done, try to elaborate a bit on the skills that you acquired from these unpaid activities which will be useful for the job that you are applying for.

  • Hobbies/Interests: Some personal interests can provide you with skills that are helpful in the workforce. Try to mention them and tell how you are a right fit for the organization.

The most important thing is that – Be honest in your resume as most of the organizations are willing to train you if they can notice the potential in you.

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