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The options for university destinations today have amazingly increased, creating a world of quality learning and opportunity in multiple parts of the world.  However, figuring out a list of universities and destinations can be a confusing process

Higher Education migration trends are changing in a good way. More students are looking at a range of university destinations in multiple countries, opening up dialogues for furthering internationalization. There is a power in the realization that opportunity and growth in innovative learning come from knowledge and access to multiple countries for higher education.

Our Services


Your interest and your stories

Innustame’s goal is to guide students to navigate opportunities in advanced education and professional degrees. Find the right fit with personalized meetings, identify the programs that best suits one’s profile, interests, and goals.


Developing your resume

Students need concise, clear and compelling accounts of their experiences and eagerness for graduate study. I suggest ways to broaden and deepen your life stories with specificity before applications are due.


Different Application Processes Around The World

Did you know there are multiple platforms that you might need to apply through for some countries and universities and kick start the application process? 


Interview prep

Prep for your interviewing skills in one-on-one mock interviews helps boost a student’s confidence and enables one to ask interviewers the right questions.


Financial Options

Learn the difference between Scholarships, Financial Aid, Work Study, On Campus and Off Campus earnings and multiple ways to think about funding options. Different countries have different rules and tuition pricing for international students. 

Let's get your "What, Where, How, Why and Funding" answered

Contact us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.

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