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Re   employed



Career Shackles

Give your career a fresh start after a break!


Re-Employed is inspired by those millions of people who are looking to restart their career after a break!

Not everyone has a continuous career path throughout their working life. There are millions of people who take a break in their career due to multiple reasons such as:


  • Experiencing parenthood,

  • Relocation to a new city or country,

  • Undertaking further studies,

  • Unexpected medical emergencies with self or family, or

  • Simply to explore something they always wished for! 

But it's not always easy to get a job after a career-break as either:


  • The candidates are out-of-touch of the current market requirements, or

  • Not every organization is willing to explore such talent pool 

To achieve this we work very closely with all our candidates to know them, identify their competencies, achievements and requirements and then match them to their next dream role. 

At the same time, the employers we work with are supportive to returnship programs or are willing to extend their hiring process to explore large pool of unutilized talent we work with. All jobs posted on our website are hand-picked and carefully analyzed for our candidates to bring transparency and trust. 

Our sole aim is to help people re-start their careers after a break!

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