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Career break ideas: making dreams happen

Before we get stuck into our travel ideas for your career break (scroll below if you want to get straight to them) – you may be wondering how any of this could be possible. Surely taking a long break from work to travel is a dream that only a lucky few people can achieve?

The truth is that travel career breaks are becoming more common, and with the right approach, anybody can do it. There will be sacrifices along the way, and there will always be risks involved – but these are far outweighed by the long-term benefits to your health, happiness and career.


Partnership with a travel company for adventurous travels:

1.  Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

2.  Go trekking in Patagonia

3.  Road-trip the USA West Coast in a van

4.  Learn to scuba dive in Southeast Asia

5.  Try a Liveaboard diving experience

6.  Explore the cities, cultures and cuisines of Europe

7.  Wander the wilderness in New Zealand

8.  Travel overland across the Pan-African Highway

9.  Get off the beaten path in rural Laos and Vietnam

10.  Have a wildlife and jungle experience in Borneo

11.  Visit China’s natural landmarks and historic cities

12.  Go on a world wine voyage

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Collaborate with NGOs and corporates for community work / volunteer engagements. 

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Write something here on advance management studies and get link of paid partnerships / Or get booking done through us. 

If not top B schools then tie-up with Dubai colleges - Amity / Manipal / BITS Pilani / SP Jain / IMT Dubai

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Training plan and calendar

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