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Re-Employed is committed to work with you to overcome your career gap and build your career pathing!

Image by Scott Graham

Re - start with Re - Employed! 

Tenure of Career Breaks can vary from one individual to another, for some it last a few months while for others it may be in years. As the tenure of your career break grows, it becomes challenging for the employers to select you from other competing job-seekers with continuing employment.


But our clients are different! 

Employers we work with are open to explore our hand-picked pool of candidates who are currently on career-break! 


On the other hand, as a candidate, starting career after a break often comes with dilemmas, such as:

  • How to search relevant jobs or reach out to hiring managers?

  • Which industry or function best fit my current skill-sets?

  • What level in the organization I should be looking at?

  • What salary band is a good starting point?

  • How am I going to explain my career break?

  • Should I look for full-time opportunities? or part-time or work as a freelancer? 

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